Relaunch of the site – may it run faster, smarter, and be more enjoyable

Relaunch of the site – may it run faster, smarter, and be more enjoyable

I have launched and relaunched this site over many years. Each iteration better than the last but never filled with content because I could never quite get the site right. My last attempt was the beginning of January and I was able to get a fairly decent site built.  But it was too slow to browse and very frustrating to add content to. So here I am again at relaunch stage. We decided to change domain providers to one that accommodates WordPress. After some research we selected SiteGround and got everything moved over, setup, and configured.

Not a small feat, things like this take time, patience, and perseverance to get setup. A will to succeed through the myriad of frustrations that occur…that two steps forward and one step back frustration we all get.  And then the drive to push through to the other side and start to build again.

And content takes time to translate from a list, memories, and plan. That list is long, very long. This has been 10 years in the making. All the planning, preparation, and learning. 10 years I have been getting ready for this.

Thank you for being on this journey with me for a while. May we leave the experience better people for it.

As I get underway please take a few moments to learn about me and the things I enjoy enough to talk about. Like my cats…although they are actively blocking my computer screen right now…

Photos of my projects are being loaded and sorted through, my other projects section has some but more are coming quickly.  I will have social media links up this weekend and both my Facebook page and my Instragram feed have photos of original work.  Every project is a learning experience so whether I love the piece or not I will share it. For it is my site, my art, and my story.


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