Sometimes Life Just Gets Busy….

Sometimes Life Just Gets Busy….

It’s been a while since I have been able to sit and put thought to paper. There are a lot of things in my life that make it very busy times. Work has been super crazy busy and taking my creative energy and the list of things to do never seems to get shorter. I could (maybe should) be working this weekend. Currently building a new database and process enhancement. Right on schedule and so needed but so many details to work through and not enough time.

I did just have a new employee start on my team. I’m very pleased. I think he has a really good future and I’m glad he persisted in going after the job.

Sweet 16 is coming

My son is just shy of two weeks away from turning 16. It’s hard to believe we are here already. Already planning for college…and a tutor. Enlisting the help of professionals to get through geometry and chemistry as I am under qualified in that arena. We should officially start that in a week and have a good couple months of tutoring to finish the year.

The garden is calling my name

I’m feeling the springtime energy kicking in. It is absolutely gorgeous outside and fresh and new feeling. It’s always nice in Florida but it is most definitely spring time. Makes me want to play in the dirt and plant things. I put a new bench in my side yard the other day and when sitting out there this morning I realized it is a mostly shady area. I had planned to plant my Jasmine bush in that area but may need to rethink. Not sure right now if it can be in the shade. I seem to recall it being a sun plant when I bought it. It definitely needs more space than the pots it is in.

Would also be nice if we could start the driveway widening pavers project soon. I have two light posts to put in and a new mailbox and would like to plant the ponytail palm near the mailbox. And put in a couple other plants that I have just sitting around waiting for their permanent home.

In the studio…getting busy

I am working on a few art journaling spreads. My style is heavily influenced by Roxanne Coble ByBun right now. I think her style is fantastic and I totally starting art crushing on her when I found her. I have completed her LifeBook 2016 class and am starting her Creatures and Lyrical classes.  I love her style of teaching and her style in general.

This page is a result of my third page of Roxanne Coble influenced art. Nowhere near as illustrated as her artwork, I will get there.  I love this page, it means a lot to me. And this one I am calling done, the rest probably not so much. Will post more in the galleries.

Oh the classes….<3

But speaking of classes….this is supposed to be my year off art classes. Time to work on my style, time to finish the classes I have.  I bowed out of LifeBook 2017 to go my own way (or really to finish LifeBook 2015 and 2016… Then Wanderlust 2017 (this one is good but is not my favorite) started and LifeBook 2017 (love this class…could not resist the hummingbird lesson). And Finnabair publishes her Imagine class on 3/1. And I found Roxanne Coble. So I am in it neck deep when it comes to classes. Instead of the year of no classes this is the year of lots of classes. So far I have done the warm ups for Wanderlust and LifeBook and the rest are in hold status. So I expect to see some great art learning this year. I am dancing around in my excitement. On the topic of the Finnabair class I am ridiculously excited and intimidated. My attempts at heavy texture and attaching stuff have not been as successful as I would like. I hope I learn a lot from her. And I get to go shopping for supplies! But first….more ByBun. Must have more.

And did I mention the sewing projects?? no? not yet….

Other exciting news

We did the Insane Inflatable 5k yesterday. We are pretty sedentary. So to do a 5k is a big deal. And to do one with 11 super huge obstacles makes it a really big deal. We did it in an hour and a half. Minor bumps and bruises and some friendly competition between the guys and a lot of fun. We will do it again next year probably. But hopefully physically more prepared. The event really wore me out around the 7th obstacle. But we made it!!  Those inflatables are incredible!

Whew..thats enough for one day…goodnight!


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