Dragon Eyes – the eyes to rule them all

Dragon Eyes – the eyes to rule them all

I got on a eye making kick recently after watching Yvonne Williams youtube tutorial on the Dragon Eye of Sauron.  These are my first couple of sets and I need more practice but they will most certainly not be the last.  In the past I purchased ‘dragon eyes’ from Michaels with glass gems and pictures attached to the back. While they are very cool they do not make me happy enough to attach them to dolls or whatever other project I may be working on.

These eyes do.  And they give me a purpose for my nail polish collection since I don’t paint my nails very frequently any longer. Win-win.

Source of it all

Yvonne Williams videos are fantastic.  She is a very giving  instructor and provides very good instructions on how to do the techniques I used for these eyes. Check out her video for directions and while you are at it go right ahead and subscribe to her channel, it is definitely worth it.  Yvonne Williams Dragon Eye of Sauron Tutorial.   It is the tutorial to rule them all.


In her video she recommends flat back glass cabochons.  Other tutorials on projects like this say you can use those glass gems from Michaels.  After having done this project I will agree on the flat backed cabochons.  The quality is well worth it.  You can find glass cabochons on Easy, Amazon, and Ebay (probably many other sites too).  All appear to be similar quality and there are a variety of sizes.  I was able to buy a decent selection of them for pretty cheap.

I am going to get a good bit more practice on this technique and try other styles and designs as well.  It is a very versatile technique and is now one of my favorites.

Don’t mind the glare from my light, the white ring is not part of the design.

Dragon Eyes - third set
Dragon Eyes – third set


Dragon Eyes - brown 1st set, blue 2nd set
Dragon Eyes – brown 1st set, blue 2nd set

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    1. Hi Harold,
      Appreciate your question. It is a real studio but yes I do work out of my home so there is no brick and mortar store to visit. Maybe someday. I am fortunate to have a full time job that unfortunately prevents me from growing my art as quickly as I would like to see it grow. In the future I would like to have production services and classes.

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