Q3 2017 – life updates

Q3 2017 – life updates

It’s tiresome to say life gets busy.  While it does it is so important to make time for important things like living life.  When I started this blog in early 2017 I started to do all the research about running a successful blog and all the things…all the posts, the marketing, the sharing, the rules.  Oh the rules…so many rules that over time I became paralyzed.  I lost the site and had to rebuild, it was hard to reengage and meet all the rules and requirements of doing a blog.  It wasn’t fun anymore – it was like a third…maybe fourth job. No good.

I found it hard to make art and share art, I was trying to please an audience.  Impossible to have time to record videos and make content worthy of the followers I don’t yet have.  Hard to garden, work, go to toastmasters, be a mom, maintain a household and make sure there is food on the table and the bills get paid.

Rules such as get up super early and write content early in the morning just don’t work for me. My schedule doesn’t work like that, usually I get up and take care of our pets and get ready for work and get the household out the door.  Rules like write 20 posts in one sitting and have a backlog of content to share on a schedule.  No way…

Out went the rules, out went the blog for several months, and on with life.  Over time it was easier and easier to keep pushing the blog to the back burner.  It’s time to unearth it.  Screw the rules.  I started this blog for me, to share my mind…my projects…my ideas…my life.  If it gets read excellent, if it doesn’t then so be it.  As time goes on I will develop a habit of writing and sharing and the content will get better.  And the followers may grow.

So what has been going on in my life lately??


We survived IRMAgeddon.  Our house was located on the north east side so we had a lot of tornado warnings, up to 94 mph sustained wind, and rain.  Over the summer we had done so much work on the house with a new metal roof (which looks so cool), new hurricane rated windows, and hurricane screens that our house was strong.  Arborists came and trimmed all the trees so even though we had some breakage it was not as bad as it could have been.

Ultimately we lost 7 fence posts, a few branches, and the pool pump.  Pool pump was already on its way out so we don’t really count it as hurricane loss.  We also lost power and running water for 5 days.  That was probably the hardest part.  Lots of driving around looking for gas for the generator since the power was out and the gas stations were dry in quite a few places.  A few days of hard cleanup work, using the pool to cool off and rinse off the dirt…and the pool water to flush the toilets.  Sleeping was pretty hard since it was so hot.


I had planted a few different types of seeds in my raised beds before Irma and some of them were just sprouting when the hurricane hit.  My cucumber plants, spaghetti squash, and carrots survived. The cucumbers are actually going so well they went from just sprouting to over 7 feet tall in the last month. They are climbing everything I have, including my dragon fruit plant which is nearby.

It is super satisfying to walk out by my garden every day now because I actually have produce growing.  I am becoming a more accomplished gardener every time I plant.  I recently planted 10 tomato plants, trying for volume this time.  As my husband says if you only grow one or two plants and they die, then you have nothing so it might be better to grow more than that.  There is so much growing in the garden and getting ready for planting that we are planning to expand the raised beds from 2 to 4.  I am also going to try hydroponic gardening.


Inside the house I have been practicing better meal planning and prepping and frozen meals.  I am considering getting a freeze dryer system next year and saving food that way.  We are going to try a bit of it before we do so we know if we like the way the food comes out.  Also working on going organic and eating cleaner.  Health problems are creating a need for better eating but its also so much better for you.

And …there is always an and… I am continuing to search for products that are sustainable, vegan, healthy, better choice products for hair, skin, body, household.  My mighty fix subscription is awesome.  So is the new toilet paper we just found.  It’s called…who gives a crap.  Well I do, I love it.  It lasts longer and is just as soft, it is made of bamboo so it is sustainable, septic safe, biodegradable, there are no plastic wrappers. The price is higher but the way it lasts so much longer more than makes up for the higher price.  1 roll lasts 5 days as opposed to a Charmin mega roll lasting 2.  It’s just better all around.


I have a new manager at work, I was so hesitant when they hired her.  It is working out well, she coaches in a great way for me and made a couple comments that literally unlocked a new part of my brain and I feel as though my work exploded in a good way over the last couple weeks.  Of course it is heavily on my mind now, waking up at all kinds of crazy hours thinking about it.  I need to get that in check, but other than that I am pleased with the direction.  It has definitely helped ramp my brain up.

With ramping my brain up comes all the productivity in all areas of my life.  More art, more gardening, more reading, more learning. I could go on and on.  But I think that’s enough for now so I will close for today.

Here’s to bringing on Q4 in a strong way and ending 2017 on a high note. To all those suffering from the barrage of nastiness mother earth has thrown our way…my heart is with you and my prayers too. May you recover and see a silver lining.


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