Art class junkie!! A list of my top 5 favorite art classes.

Art class junkie!! A list of my top 5 favorite art classes.

I am a lifelong student and because I am an adult that means I can take classes I am interested in.  So I take art classes.  Lots and lots of art classes…

Below are my all time favorites:

  1. Lifebook – this is a fantastic art class for anyone who would like exposure to a variety of styles and who is at any point in their artistic path.  Beginners and advanced artists are all welcome.  Tamara Laporte is the host of Lifebook and she assembles an all star cast of art teachers every year.  These teachers introduce you to an amazing variety of art styles and techniques.  Also the class has a great amount of self-growth practice and the massive community is super friendly and supportive.  I have been in this class since late 2015 and I love it! You can find a link to Lifebook to the right of this post. (This is an affiliate link because Tam is a sharing and caring person.) —->
  2. Ever After – this is the second art class I started from Tamara Laporte and it also includes an amazing cast of art teachers.  This class is designed around interpreting fairy tales and developing your own style.  It has been running for two years and I learn so much in this class.  The first art piece I ever did that I deemed ‘good enough’ to be framed and put on my wall was done as part of this class.  If you love fairy tales this is one for you!  This class will be coming around again in summer but there are so many good classes on the Willowing site and you can pick any of them and learn a lot!
  3. Moonshine – this is an in depth study into yourself and your own art guided around spirituality and the phases of the moon.  Effy Wild is the host of the class and I adore her and everything she does.  Her lessons are jam packed with meaning and advanced technique.  She gave me a path to connect to my own art in a way that I never had before and I will be taking that forward into all my art.  I can’t get enough of this class.  Seriously, its beyond incredible to deep dive into this. There is a link to this class on the right. —->
  4. Book of Days – my second Effy Wild class because why not!  I love her and her approach and I can’t rave enough about her.  You will connect with your art and you will find yourself on your art page.  Both this and Moonshine are year long classes and are jam packed.  You never feel behind though because the idea is to find yourself and be inspired and go forth and make art on your own.  The community is amazing in all of Effy’s classes.  To fall in love with Effy…go here:
  5. Jane Davenport – okay I’m cheating here by giving you the host and artists name instead of the class.  Because…I am taking three of them.  Beautiful Faces, Express Yourself, and I <3 Drawing.  Jane Davenport is an amazing charismatic teacher of making faces and figures.  These are technique packed in depth self study classes that will improve your skills at faces and full female figures.  Jane draws on years and years of experience in the fashion industry and photography to help you learn.  She has her own product line of supplies that are awesome.  To find Jane’s classes and become a Davenpeep…go here:

And because I couldn’t leave off an honorable mention:

6. ByBun – Roxanne Coble is a master of weird and illustration. I have taken her creatures and lyrical classes and learned so much.  Her background techniques have a heavy influence in my art to this day.  If you want to work small and detailed…this is the teacher for you.

By the way….I found Effy, Jane, and Roxanne through Lifebook cause Lifebook is awesome like that!!!


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