Artfully Wild Blog Challenge – Meet Jen and Welcome

Artfully Wild Blog Challenge – Meet Jen and Welcome

April is here!  My birth month, my favorite season.  Everything is coming to life!  Including my blog! Just keeping in mind that this is a challenge and challenges are designed to push you.  In the case of my blog its a big push.  I figure this is likely the first time I will have readers outside of the obligatory family and friends so I decided to start with a bit about me.

I have been the owner of my website domain and ideas for well over a decade now.  Over the years my goals for my site have morphed and grown and sat dormant.  Sometimes I felt the need to push forward but a lot of the time I just had to let life and my paying job take over which meant long periods of dormancy in my site and direction.  And when I came back to my site…it was usually with a new dream. So with all this change…where am I now?

These days my day job – my paying job – is taking the majority of my time.  Although as I write this blog post I am on vacation for a week!  I love vacation!  I also love my job.  I have been very fortunate to have been able to work at my current company for just over a decade.  It is the main reason my domain sits dormant…it takes all technology thinking brain and lots of time.  On and off time strategizing on how to move forward with my objectives.   That sounds like a lot of my time really…strategizing about life.  Unfortunately spending a lot of time in the tech part of the brain leaves you with less brain to build domains, blogs, and art.

And my go to off work activitiy is ART.  So where does that put my domain and blog in importance.  At least number 3…more likely number 9…behind me, my son, husband, and three cats.  There is not enough time in life for all the things I want to pay attention to.

But back to art! Because artfully wild is the goal. I have been a crafty person on and off my whole life.  Although not as supported as these days so I didn’t really learn to be an artist until much more recently.  And didn’t consider myself an artist until the last 4 years.  I love quilts and art journaling and mixed media.  I have a good pile of completed projects but haven’t really gotten to a point to have an inventory for sale.  I do more classes than production work.  I consider myself a professional student. After college and professional certifications I decided I would take classes that interest me and those are art classes. I am currently all about Effy Wild. She just resonates with me in so many ways…inspiring me and pushing me…and here I am…

My dreams in January were to launch a paint and sip (in home) mixed media class.  I am prepared with a lesson plan, supplies, I have done demo classes with great response, I did not launch the class.  Why? I didn’t want to allocate my limited time to it right now.  So I put the whole plan on the back burner and will be recording it and launching it online instead. So fortunate I don’t need this as an income stream.  Eventually it would be nice to start to see a side income from art so I can work toward a retirement income and a retirement in general.

I also dream of doing art and craft shows and having a booth, but I am reevaluating that too because …time, cost, etc.  So online selling is again a better, cheaper, less time intensive approach.  And I did just start a Redbubble account and launch a design.  (Another Effy influence!) Check out my page!

Too many dreams, I have dream ADD.

Currently I want to do art and I have a few pieces and classes in progress.  I also want to build a mixed media wiki (including a mobile app)…see what happens when I play tech brain?  But a Mixed Media Wiki – I call her MixMe – is such an awesome idea!! So stay tuned for that, maybe it will actually make it to production!  Wouldn’t it be easy to have a reference to go to?

Alright off to do the day!  Thank you for picking my blog to read!  Enjoy the Artfully Wild blog challenge!

For more info on the challenge – check out Effy’s blog!


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  1. Hi Jen! If only there were no limits on our TIME. You have so many great ideas. Mixed Media Wiki sounds great. I can relate to the demanding day job – I have one, too. Good luck with the April challenge!

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