Learning to record art videos

Learning to record art videos

Over the years I have watched so many YouTube videos. Good, bad, bad but still educational, and well made that don’t have a good purpose. I’ve logged many hours watching things and learning what I do and don’t like about recording art videos.

I always thought…I want to do that! And I have in the past and they were terrible. That’s when I learned I had a good idea and a terrible plan.  I started watching videos of people showing their recording setups so my terrible plan could improve.

I tried with my phone, I tried with my dslr camera, I got tripods and mounts and lights and all the craziness. Then a digital camcorder. Getting closer….I knew it couldn’t be that hard…

Setup the camcorder on my tripod and the tripod on the desk….and no space for my journal and supplies. Moved everything around. Tried a different tripod with a boom arm. Success!! Except it’s upside down!!! Wtf.

Reconfigure the office some more. Get hurt running my chair over my toes. Not successful. Reconfigure it again. Finally. But still upside down. Must be a software thing

Off to my computer. No software. Umm….

Found the software (thanks hon) downloaded and installed. And flipped my video right over and yes!!!! Finally!!! Now I’m in business!!

and YouTube doesn’t see it right side up…. for 2 hours. Finally got it! And now I can repeat it but also share my journal flip practice vid. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Learning to record art videos

  1. Your book and your art work are beautiful! Juicy juicy just delighting my eyes!! LOL Now — you’ll have to share what software you are using and how you flipped the video. I’m struggling with flipping the video. Congrats on getting things totally setup!!

    1. Happy to share the info although I’m sure there is a much easier way.

      I ended up putting it in mp4 format through a free app called VLC. Worth the download. But check out the instruction manual. And although I flipped it there it didn’t go into YouTube that way. So In youtube in the video manager section there is an edit feature where you can flip it. It will upload the way you have the file and then YouTube edit will flip t. Took a few frustrating minutes of waiting for them to do it so it showed right. Let me know if you can’t figure it out and I will put together more detailed instructions. Good luck. This whole thing had me frustrated and unwilling to try for a long time. I’m glad I finally got it. Thank you!

  2. It never occurred to me what went in to doing these art lesson videos. Wow. Very impressive. Love love love the sharing of missteps. We forget we need to keep trying and not give up sometimes. Your artwork is magic. Love the colors.

    1. Thank you. I didn’t realize either and I’m pretty familiar with tech and this was hard. I’m totally sure I made it harder than it had to be. But it’s great to learn from others and I think the art community in general is pretty sharing thankfully

  3. That’s something I also want to try so that I can show video process to people who enjoy my art. What program did you have to download?

    1. It’s an app called VLC. Free to download. Super powerful. However, I found out after that YouTube has some tools built into their upload manager.

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