Road trip! Cheating on my fur babes….

Road trip! Cheating on my fur babes….

Road trip and fur babes

it’s always nerve wracking to leave the house on a road trip.  Line up the house sitter for the cats, dog in the kennel, check the car, pack the things, don’t forget the people…and the snacks.

Pile into the car and kiss the next several hours of your life away as you travel to your destination…hopeful the entire way for no mishaps.

We did that yesterday. Almost 9 hours on the road to visit family. And we only went 1 state over. It’s humbling how large a place we live in. Truly. A person just cannot truly grasp the size of the earth because we only see snippets at a time. It’s big. Really really big.

After we arrived to our families house we had a wonderful dinner and made friends with new fur babes. The fur babes were my reason for coming. Haha. The beautiful husky on the photo and I made fast friends. And the cats were hugged and held and pet by all of us all night. But they aren’t my fur babes and as I pet them I cannot help but feel like I’m cheating on them and like I abandoned them temporarily. I know I will be back with them In a couple days and we have a sitter but they are still my babes and they will holding a grudge for this. At least until snack time…


Arting on the go

I always have good intentions to do plein air painting while I travel. Or art journaling on the beach like some of my favorite artists do. So I pack my intentions and a sampling of supplies and off I go. To usually not do a lot. It kinda makes me mad and I always overpack because of this but dang it I want to art on the go. This time I packed my STJ (if you don’t know what that is Effy WIld posted her free class on it yesterday….see here: and a mixed bag of my favorite pens a glue stick. Surely I can glue stuff and write while traveling. However it doesn’t scratch the paint itch…so in the bag went the mini moleskin and my travel watercolors…and my camera. So today I will travel art or create in some way, shape or form. I will. I swear. After we play with the new babe friends.

Besides….surely I can art if I can blog on the go…..


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