Spring break in Atlanta!

Spring break in Atlanta!

For the last decade I have been traveling to Atlanta for work and my son (Dorian) has been asking to go. So this year we decided to make that happen since we are running out of forced family fun time…he is already 17 and so much less interested in family vacation. Since it’s his spring break we took advantage and hit the road to see family and be tourists.

I would have never thought  that Atlanta was a spring break destination but apparently some 40,000 people go there every year.

Chick Fil A Dwarf House

If you eat chicken and the cows sure hope you do…then you probably know of and maybe have eaten at Chik Fil A. Only in Atlanta have I seen Chik Fil A full dine in restaurants. We stopped for breakfast at one of the restaurants and were educated on the Dwarf House, had breakfast, and went through the Dwarf door. Because..you have to try the Dwarf door.

Georgia Aquarium

This is the coolest aquarium I have ever been to.  (I know people think caging animals is wrong but I am not going to have that conversation.)  This aquarium is the only one I am aware of that has whale sharks and beluga whales. I didn’t even know beluga whales existed before going here so seeing one was such an amazing thing, educational, memorable, and awesome.

The first thing you do when you arrive is stand in front of the green screen for an obligatory picture. My husband (Jon) got it in his head as we walked up to selfie photograph himself with the person taking the picture of us. VERY corny, but the photographer got a good laugh.

And we bought the photo. Had to…wouldn’t you?

Jellyfish, octopus, whale sharks, belugas, dolphin, seals and sea lions, on and on. So much to see. Such a cool place.


World of Coke

Directly across the courtyard from the aquarium is World of Coke. (Atlanta is all about Coke. If you are a Pepsi fan good luck finding that in Atlanta.)

I won’t spoil the amazingness that the World of Coke has to offer, but if you go make sure to sample the Beverly in the tasting room. Unforgettable….but I don’t think it will catch on in the U.S.

Dorian opted to write his Coke story and share it on the wall. He’s my favorite artist. Hands down. Maybe I am wee bit biased but come on now. Not many people can draw like that on the fly.


Blick Art Supply store

A trip to Atlanta’s wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Blick Art Supply store. Dorian’s first time in this drool worthy store.  We saw this cool Scorpion on the way there.  When we arrived the first employee we saw greeted us and asked us if we needed help finding something.  Nope…we just want to look, drool, and wish we could take home at least one of everything.  “Would you like_______? Yes, please!”  Dorian chose a Prismacolor Premier manga marker set and a new sketchbook. I picked out a few small things: 5 oil pastels (so luscious), hot pink soft body paint, zinc white fluid acrylic, and a new crackle paste…don’t remember the name but I’ll art it and show it later, a white Posca brush pen (Did you know they come in brush? I didn’t but love brush pen for it’s line capability and it’s ability to handle a bit more of a beating in mixed media), a blue and a pink Posca.) I love that store.  Can’t wait to play in my journal.


Back to the house

After our exciting and exhausting day we headed back to my sister-in-laws house for some much needed R&R and cuddling time with the borrowed fur babes.

And some art time in my STJ. Not quite a full art piece but I was tinkering with a couple recent pen buys. The Coptic Gasenfude is my first real venture into alchohol ink markers.  it’s a brush tip and writes so nice.  Minimal bleed considering but I would not write on both sides. I am still experimenting with it but it’s rapidly becoming one of my faves. And it’s refillable. The Molotow Liquid Chrome is another I am experimenting with still but it makes me so happy I ordered a second one and a refill immediately  to make sure I keep it in my arsenal for a long time. But if you look center photo below you will see the first mistake I made with it….never push the tip down on your art piece.  You run a major risk of blobbing beautiful shiny chrome alchohol ink out on your page, which I did. I tried to recover but it kinda ruined it and I rushed the page and didn’t do what I might have otherwise.  Love these pens though and highly recommend them.


Anyways I’m going to stare out the window of the car for a few hours. Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Spring break in Atlanta!

  1. In all the time that I lived in the Atlanta area, I never went to the World of Coca Cola. I don’t think we had a BLICK at the time either. I’ve only been to the Seattle one 3 years ago. I wish we had one closer.
    The aquarium in a great place to visit. I was last there 7 years ago. Centennial Park was always a fun place to walk around.
    Looks like you had a fun-tastic trip 🙂

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