Life happens! 1 am arrivals, food poisoning, skittish kitties, and an emergency plumber

Life happens! 1 am arrivals, food poisoning, skittish kitties, and an emergency plumber

Whew, my last 24 hours has been an adventure.  After our exciting, fun filled day in Atlanta we got back on the road and headed toward Savannah to see my mom.  She is at home recovering from an extensive surgery and I haven’t seen her in months. It’s about a 4 hour drive between the two cities so we headed out early with the intention to stay the night near my mom before heading home today.  It was nice to see her and a few other family members that stopped by…and my niece who is a beautiful wild child.  She has so much energy that I am not sure anyone in my family can keep up.  Let alone my mom who is raising her wonderfully…even from the recovery ward in the house.

As is normal for my family though….missing home set in and Jon says….”maybe instead of a hotel we should head home after your moms.”  What a fabulous idea! I could see my own fur babes and sleep in my bed and have all of Thursday to do whatever I want!  We left the house around 8 PM and headed out for a 5 hour drive….first stopping by McDonalds to get Dorian something to eat.  Which he promptly got food poisoning from….and a 5 hour drive was extremely long, painful, and poor kid….agitating to all of us.  I felt so bad, but we persevered and finally got home around 1 in the morning.  So glad to finally get out of my truck and into the house to go to bed.

The cats always get a bit weird when left alone. Even though I had a sitter, the sitter is not someone they are familiar with so they always hide and the sitter never sees them.  And when we arrive they are unhappy and super skittish.  It takes a little bit for them to get used to the noise and to readapt to having a full house again.  I think it was around 3 or 4 am when my most scared kitty crawled on top of me in bed and forgave me with some purring and snuggling. They are still a little nervous but coming back to normal.

Fast forward to this morning and we are up at normal time, no sleeping in for us….

But before we shower Jon says…”let me install this shower part, its a 10 minute job, just have to turn off the water.”  Sounds like a plan to me!  (mental note…next time shower first.) So off goes the water and he starts to dismantle the shower.  We have been slowly remodeling the house over the last few years.  From late 90’s retired people décor to our much nicer earth tones and rubbed bronze.  And then I hear the cursing start.  The pipes behind the shower were so corroded that one broke during the 10 minute change…before our after travel showers.  Emergency plumber has been called…they are only 1 hour late at this time.  Fortunately the water was off so we don’t have a mess…but the water is off.  No toilets, no nothing.  Feels very hurricane aftermathy.

So I am in wait mode.  The best way to handle a wait like this is to blog, art, research, read, etc.  I worked in my STJ…happily gluing.  I love gluing apparently.  I watched TWD….oh Negan will you ever learn? Jadis my dear…you messed up.  I read my April pdf for Moonshine again and started researching the months moon. I explored my new Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck (it so does not disappoint, it is beautiful). I cleaned.  I blogged.  I read about my Bernina sewing machine feet….its a thing ya’ll, they have a huge book about them.  Still waiting on the plumber.

So after I hit post on this incredibly JUST LIFE post I will head for the paint, because what better way is there to spend a day with no water.  Hopefully I can keep my hands kinda clean….who am I kidding?  I need the water…



7 thoughts on “Life happens! 1 am arrivals, food poisoning, skittish kitties, and an emergency plumber

  1. Oh goodness! Life does happen, doesn’t it? It can be so horrible and yet, when it all recedes like a wave is survivable. Tender hugs to you. I think it’s incredible that after all that, you still shared on your blog. Take care 🙂

  2. Yikes what a day! I hope your water comes back on soon.
    Did you all eat the same food at McDonalds? I didn’t know someone could get food poisoning that fast. Poor kid, hope he feels better.

    1. Thankfully we did not eat the same thing. Good old chicken nuggets and Szechuan sauce. He is much better now but still eating lightly. Valuable lessons about eating junk.

    1. She’s 8. She’s been with my mom since she was 6 months. She’s awesome but wild whew. Plumber closed the shower pipes yesterday so we could turn the water back on to the house. They will be back with parts on Monday to fix it. Thank you for the well wishes!

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