Oracle Deck Flip Thru and Oracle Deck Box

Oracle Deck Flip Thru and Oracle Deck Box

Oracle Deck Flip Thru

Today I wanted to share a video of my Oracle deck.  I started this deck in October of last year before I had found Effy Wild and the Moonshine class. I had been taking classes with byBun and had developed this cool painterly way of doing backgrounds that I really enjoyed and had decided to make these cards to see what happened.  The cards were so cool that I started to put affirmations on front and using those in my day to day activities.  I made the box below to hold them in.  And I challenged myself to make 100 of them.  That was a pretty big project but I love these cards and this project enough to want to teach it and if I made 100 of them then I felt I had a good level of expertise of the format to teach it to others well.  I actually have a fully developed ‘paint and sip’ style of class that I have demoed to a couple groups already and had really positive feedback on.  I was going to launch it in January but I couldn’t dedicate the times to the parties so it has been pushed back.  I am now considering online format.

I painted both sides of the cards with the same color scheme but different painting techniques so that there was a clear difference.  On the front of the deck I ended up taking the Oracle deck that Effy Wild provides to her students in the Moonshine class.  (Effy has an amazing class spread – check out her site).  I used gloss medium on the cards to adhere the oracle deck to the affirmation cards, I also went back through the entire deck and waxed the cards so they don’t stick. It was a long project but I am so happy with the outcome.

Oracle Deck Box

I created this box for my cards so that I had something beautiful and coordinated.  The box came from joggles.  The hardware from Home Depot.  The inside is cardstock.  Unfortunately I could not get my wax seal to display clearly but that is a wax seal for VS1 Studios which is my art hobby…hopefully business…I am working on it.

I love this box.  I love it so much I made 3 more of them to either sell or gift as hostess gifts to anyone who books a party with me for the class I haven’t yet launched…someday….

Anyway that’s it for me today, enjoy…maybe my next video will have sound.


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