Beginning to learn about Chakra energy

Beginning to learn about Chakra energy

About a month or so ago Effy Wild was teaching a concept in Moonshine and referenced Chakra energy….following along with the concept…of if you don’t know it don’t use it. Chakra’s have been on my list to study. Because I wholeheartedly agree with Effy on her stance. I don’t know it. So I can’t use it yet. Or identify that I am using it for using it correctly. For sometimes that is exactly what happens. But chakras were a difficult concept for me, I’m not sure why. I think probably just words I didn’t understand at the time and couldn’t grasp.

It is time for chakras now though. I know it is because I decided to study them and Andrea Gomoll’s New Color Magic class dropped in my email inbox, during a slow month in Effy’s classes. Could it be fate? Clever scheduling? Who cares!! Count me in!  I spent today creating my cute little color exploration journal.  Working in Andrea Gomolls style tests me.  I don’t usually do wet techniques like watercolor. But it’s an area I want to improve in. Second bonus! And Andrea Gomoll taught a LifeBook class that became my second framed piece! (The first was Tams little mermaid from ever after 2016) And she’s so cute. I <3 her.

Anyway back to my chakra project! I’m going to finish this and tuck it in a new pocket page in my Moonshine grimoire. So cute!

Andrea Gomoll Color Magic Class

Effy Wild Moonshine Class



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