Resistance Is futile, painting in diamonds….and a cat

Resistance Is futile, painting in diamonds….and a cat

Tonight I have to push back against my resistance to write my blog challenge post.  It reared up and said…oh go paint. It’s just one day. But I know me and if I did just one day it would then be two and then a week and….you get the point.

so tonight I bring three things: 1) that I learned I had a solid connection to my root chakra already and I have been grounding with smoky quartz for years.  I’m good with that one and will document my notes and move on to the next one.  And 2) here’s a picture of one of my favorite cats. I have three (of course…duh) Shadow is my buddy. He is so expressive that I know what he’s thinking most of the time. Shadow saved me from the depth of despair felt after the loss of my first cat who I had hand raised from birth. Shadow was a scaredy cat when we got him around 15 weeks old.  It took me years of working with him consistently to help him be the handsome loving cat he is. He still hides but not from us. And 3) I started a new diamond ain’t kit. My second one. So great for meditation.

good night =)


3 thoughts on “Resistance Is futile, painting in diamonds….and a cat

  1. OOoh that babies face <3 so much love and adoration showing. Makes me miss my sweet sweet kitty Mynx.

    And what is a diamond painting? I need to know more!

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