Work, sacral, doodling

Work, sacral, doodling

Blogging for the challenge tonight. Won’t even share. Cause the sharing part isn’t the challenge. The writing is. So I’m writing.

It’s been a long day of work, good but long. Not enough time for play. But I did get the study in for the Sacral chakra. To come to realize I have some work to do there.

Im enjoying doodling in my little Chakra journal with my liquid chrome marker. Love that marker.

I am giving watercolors another go. I think they got a bad rep with me because of the water brush. I switched to a true watercolor brush and I’ve been much happier with the results. I ordered a couple Daniel Smith watercolors today. Pretty excited about that. I’m going to slowly build up my pallette.

Also watched a few you tube videos on purging art supplies. I’m going to give that another go soon. I need to have less so I can focus on what I have. I’ll still keep plenty. But I need to let with some.

And I found a new watercolor art journaler I like. Her channel on YouTube is Sew Crazi and her instagram is @sewcrazi. She works primarily with watercolor in a dylusions. Mad skills. Beautiful work.

Enough from me for the night.


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