Daniel Smith watercolors and a huge swatch session

Daniel Smith watercolors and a huge swatch session

I recently decided it was time to get serious about watercolor and learn how to use this media better. I tried the mighty convenient waterbrush and painting….not bad. But certainly not as beautiful as that wet on wet technique I just could not achieve. It sounds so stupid…add a lot of water. Add paint. Instant painting. Nope. That’s just not true. There is a finesse to it. A time for water and a time for not. It took me a long time of frustration before I changed out my brush for a real watercolor brush. I’m a pro now. Lol, not quite but what a world of difference.

But in true art supply geek I wanted to try out the holy grail of watercolor and put together a small palette of Daniel Smith colors. Did you know there are over 200 colors in that line? Crap what to do what to do…  oh look a sample card pallette. Ooh. I can try out all the colors with little commitment.

I swatched all 238 colors tonight. It was the equivalent of 4 8.5×11” sheets of dots.  It was so much fun I just couldn’t stop until it was done. Only to photograph and race to come write about it.  Meditative. All in nice color order. Some shiny. Some amazing (all the quinacridone..ooh la la) and some with real crystals like amethyst built in…total magical palette. I’m just drooling.

ill be playing with the dots for some time. They are pretty generous for $20 ish. But I’ll be building a pallette over time. The Quins family makes me ridiculously happy. Gamboge is a beautiful color. The colors sing.


2 thoughts on “Daniel Smith watercolors and a huge swatch session

  1. Those are beautiful colors! I recently bought my first “big girl” watercolor brush. Now I just need to practice practice practice. Those darn watercolors just seem to get away from me!

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