Missed day 11 makeup

Missed day 11 makeup

I’m sure it’s cheating to squeeze in day 11’s post early on day 12. But maybe this just extends my challenge by 1 day. Or maybe the challenge fades and it has the effect of creating a habit and I still keep posting. Because posting takes practice and time. But time shrinks the more practice you get. So all in all I come out ahead. Even if I’m a day behind. Sensical? Ha

For day 11 it was all paying job, diamond painting, and chakra journaling. Couple very frustrating work moment but it led to a relieving breakthrough 2 years in the making. Breakthrough only to the extent that someone finally agreed to do what I needed. They still have to do it…but baby steps.

Today I must slay the work list and go to the dentist. Good times. I hope to finish my chakra journal today. I’m over halfway and I have the method figured out so now I can just work it out. Because next off the art journal plate will be the pocket page for my chakra journal. More in my style for sure. Although I like watercolor more and more every time I use them thanks to this class.

And the Sew Crazi channel on YouTube. That lady is awesome. Peep at her channel. 

I highly recommend binge watching all of her videos. I’ve already watched the technique ones a couple times and adapted her shading technique!!


7 thoughts on “Missed day 11 makeup

  1. Haha! I too would count this as day 11… Good job! You know I went searching your blog to learn about your chakra journal. That led me to the link you posted to Andrea Gomoll’s class. That led me to being enabled by you to have my credit card fall out my wallet and slide through Andrea’s virtual terminal… Enabler! LOL Thank you for leading me to her class. It looks delicious!

    1. I want to know where the Sew part came from myself. But if she sees to the caliber she paints I totally want to see some of her work. I love sewing. Well quilting. And machines. And fabric. And….

  2. No cheating, I’m 3 days behind. Almost didn’t start because of that.
    Needing to call for a dentist appointment for cleaning. Don’t want to. You’re brave. Hope it all works out easy for you.

    1. I’m terrible about missing and feeling like a failure and quitting. I decided to try something different this time!!

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