Blueberry picking and birthday parties

Blueberry picking and birthday parties

This morning we went blueberry picking at a local farm. Early season so they weren’t all ready yet but the color range is cool.  I’m thinking of arting the colors.  I love supporting my local farms. Food is so much better when we can shrink the food to table time. From here the blueberries get eaten fresh, flash frozen for meals, and freeze dried for long term storage and smoothies or whatever else we need dried blueberries for.


My absolute favorite blueberry muffin recipe is below.  It is not mine but the name says it all. And when the fruit is fresh they are even better.  Breakfast tomorrow? Me thinks so.

To Die For Blueberry Muffins


This evening my local family came by to celebrate an early birthday with me. My MIL and I try to burn the house down with every cake. Thankfully her 70 candles were much more flame than my 42…+1 to grow on. Gyros for dinner and some hang out time. And soon…to bed.






5 thoughts on “Blueberry picking and birthday parties

  1. Hi😍

    Wow. Where do you live? No blueberries here yet. I’d love to do a blueberry pick but don’t know where around here……philly suburbs. Thanks for sharing❤️

    1. I’m in florida so the weather brings us fruit much earlier in the year. Maybe you can find a farmers market in a suburb of philly. They should bring in all kinds of fresh local produce.

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