Archetypes, new moon art journaling, and chakra class

Archetypes, new moon art journaling, and chakra class

Today was a jam packed and successful day at my day job.  I’m so thankful to say that I have many more of these type of days then not. At the end if my work day  I was able to log off of my work computer and get right to my research and art projects.  I finished my mini Chakra reference journal (learning the basics in Andrea Gomoll’s Color Magic class, finished my new moon in Aries painting, and started reading “Art Journal Your Archetypes: Mixed Media Techniques for Finding Yourself” and completed the quiz to identify my 8 core archetypes.


I Had a little trouble with the quiz for a couple of the questions i felt I truly could have answered those questions either really like me or really not like me based on the combination of questions that made up the question.  Ultimately I felt I got a pretty good spread of archetypes for my core group: Visionary, Engineer, Artist, Hermit, Queen, Student, Hedonist, Lover. I struggled with Hedonist cause it just sounds so bad but I love stuff and I felt it was true.  But today i felt my Student and Queen come together at work as I leveraged the things i learned over the years in my position to provide good direction in an issue and make sound decisions fitting of a queen in her kingdom.  It really truly fit.  I will likely art those two out first as they struck home today.

Check out Art Journal Your Archetypes: Mixed Media Techniques for Finding Yourself by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli

My post on Archetypes wouldn’t be complete if i didnt state that this path was started by Effy Wild in her April guidance for Moonshine.  Stellar gentle nudges in that class by an excellent teacher.  Just go (after finishing my post…lol):

Effy Wild and Moonshine +

New Moon in Aries

My second Effy Moonshine reference today (big impact so you’ll hear it a lot) I debut my New Moon In Aries painting.  This is where my month led me.  I felt it was fitting as I am an Aries in my Sun sign and I always have Aries energy. This page is about all of me working in harmony.

The page is a pocket page to hold my mini Chakra Journal from the Color Magic Class.  It is painted in my Moonshine journal using lots of techniques from that class.  I can’t say it’s my favorite page ever.  It was far from my intended page.  I did like it in the end, the bottom layer of brusho really added to the grunge effect i ended up with as i layered up the colors.  For reference…in the photo showing the pocket, the colors of the stripes on both pages are the same colors.  Look how different they turned out.  Good learning experience.  


I won’t go into details on the Chakra journal.  Please check out her class if you are interested. 

Andrea Gomoll’s Color Magic Class


9 thoughts on “Archetypes, new moon art journaling, and chakra class

  1. I was lucky enough to take a Master Class wuth Jane Dunnewold several years ago where we spent a week exploring out archetypes. It was a life changing class to say the least, and my main archetype was Hedonist. Of course I totally embrace my hedonism, but was sorry to give up my long cherished role as the rebel! But things do change. I will certainly check out the book.

    1. I would like some more in depth information myself. I’m hoping the book does some diving but if not I will check out your resource too. And google of course. I’m embracing the hedonism. No choice really. Lol

      I expected rebel but most definitely not one of mine lol

  2. I love your new moon spread! Moonshine is proving to be one of the best courses I’ve taken in a while! So glad to be journeying with you as part of the class 🙂

  3. I wanted to visit your blog after seeing your beautiful new moon spread (it totally resonated with me–both versions actually). Will have to look into that book it sounds fascinating. I loved reading about your archetypes!

  4. Oh, this is so lovely! Both classes (I’m in Moonshine) sound really interesting, I’ll have to look into them. Thank you 🙂

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