Perfect “keep going” message

Perfect “keep going” message


This is the message I received when I queried my cards regarding my current work strategy.

I use the Mystical Cats deck for my readings. I love the deck for the messages the writer gave in the guide book. They are positive and easily applicable to your life.

I also use the Deck of 1000 spreads. It is well designed to help you clarify your question and understand the answer. This deck can be used with any tarot deck.

In the spread below I started with the 1000 spreads deck defining what I wanted to know and laying out the bottom cards. Then I laid out my cards as normal. I always lay them out in my defined order and analyze them after.

My first take upon first glacé was that this was an ominous spread. But as I said…positive message. I still need to read the book and I enjoy this book. So I read every card and take notes regarding its reference to the card it was on.

This spread said….keep going. I’m on the right path. I will be supported.  It echoes how I feel. It’s a beautiful thing.




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