Blogging, Birthday celebrations, close friends, and a heavy workload

Blogging, Birthday celebrations, close friends, and a heavy workload

Blogging my way out of fear state

Whew I missed a few blogging days.  Not the intention of a monthly blogging challenge surely.  But what I have learned about the daily blogging challenge are:

  1. Blogging is not as big a deal as I had made it out to be in my head.  Truly, it is possible to do it regularly.
  2. You don’t have to worry about SEO.  Its nice but as some other websites suggested…there are companies out there dedicated to making sure you don’t get to the Google home page in a search.  Certainly not my intent so I will learn that over time.
  3. Blogging daily is probably not for me but as of the above two points….more frequently is great!  And that is the lesson I will take out of this challenge.

It certainly got me over my mental resistance and fear.  So for that I am grateful.

Birthday celebrations

Last week was my birthday.  Technically only one day…but the celebration lasted a week.  So many well wishes.  First we had a family get together (posted about that last week), then my actual day and dinner with my immediate household, and last Saturday the ‘friends’ get together.   It was lovely and loving.  My hubby made it so nice between all the planning and the parties.  I couldn’t have had a better friend get together.  We invited 4 couples that are our closest friends, had a taco bar, plenty of drinks, and played the Voting Game (it’s very cool!) and Cobra Paw  We had awesome hilarious conversations.  It was awesome and so needed, it had been so long since we got together like that.

Jon also got me a splendid crystal ball set of Amethyst, Citrine, and clear quartz.  I found this set on Etsy right after I finished my Chakra beginner study.  These three crystals resonate with all of the chakras and I had decided to get a crystal ball in each of these stones and when I looked on Etsy someone was selling this gorgeous set.  They are amazing!  Today I found out that if I take the Amethyst and the Quartz and place them against my temples they are cooling and magnetizing in a way that makes me feel so clear headed for about 20 minutes after.  I am a total fan…given I had a headache this was great!

But now the celebrations are over and I am officially older. And I’m okay with that.  People joked all week about being 29 again, 32, 35, 39.  No, I am 42.  I earned those years, I am proud of that.

Heavy work workload

Not very much art lately.  There just hasn’t been enough brain cycles to do art on top of my current work load.  I am thankful for my workload, it give me purpose for my company and that means a lot to me.  It pleases me to be needed.  And this work is such a great opportunity.  But it leaves my life looking kinda like:

Yep I am a nerd with many hobbies…and an hour a day….not enough time to fit them all in….

But I love my life so I cant complain.


8 thoughts on “Blogging, Birthday celebrations, close friends, and a heavy workload

  1. Glad you had a great birthday! I too do not usually blog daily, but try to share when I find something I think is interesting. And I do enjoy the challenge of having to come up with something daily!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I love birthdays that stretch out beyond one day. Also love your crystal balls. I hear you re the division of a day! But at least you don’t skimp on your sleep so that’s good! (unlike me!)

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