About Jen

About Jen


Jack of many trades…master of my own path

I love mixed media.  I primarily exercise these skills while Art Journaling. I have been an art journaler since 2010 off and on. I enjoy new techniques and love trying new products out.  I enjoy taking classes. Lifebook is my current favorite.  I love the personal development aspect and how I can tie that into my spiritual growth.  My relationship with my spiritual side is complicated and constantly evolving.

I have been a quilter since 2000. Another area where I love learning techniques. But I absolutely love Bargello quilting and batik fabric. Piecing quilt tops is my favorite step in quilting but I am branching into long arm style quilting on my domestic machine with use of a ruler foot and acrylic rulers. Lots to learn about that.

My cats are my best friends. They are not just my pets, I care for them but I treat them like my best friends. I know their personalities and respect their space.

I love to cook and eat. Over time that has led to weight gain which is an unfortunate side effect of loving food. So I have been improving my food choices and learning to eat better.  Always a work in progress…I have lots of works in progress….

I enjoy learning to do things with essential oils, fresh herbs, and spices.  There are so many options out there to allow you to cook with intention, create blends, and learn and use the gifts the earth provides.  I am also very interested in protecting the earth.  Changing a lifetime of bad habits and creating a sustainable lifestyle.  This is a work in progress all the time.  Some days I do better than others. I have 11 types of fruiting plants growing on my property. And more herbs than that. Still working on vegetables.

If it’s crafty and I haven’t yet tried it I probably want to!  And the list of what I have tried is not short – includes techniques in fabric, paint, glass, and resin.  I am itching to try refinishing furniture and woodwork. I really love blending more than one technique together. That’s art!

I just love doing stuff and learning things.  It really lights up my life to expand my capabilities in one fashion or another.